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Seafood Voting Challenge

Voting is a fundamental right that needs to be protected and promoted to ensure everyone’s voices are represented, and the sustainable seafood community has the power to help.

What is the Seafood Voting Challenge?

The Seafood Voting Challenge calls on the sustainable seafood and ocean communities — including fishers co-ops, industry, NGOs and funders — to take the pledge and commit  to ensuring their employees have access to the information and resources needed to vote. 

The most common reason people cite for not voting is a lack of time or available resources. Taking time off work, finding childcare or transportation to the polls, or arranging postage can be a significant barrier, especially for people in already-marginalized communities. The Seafood Voting Challenge aims help to mitigate these challenges and support the ability of all our seafood industry and nonprofit community members to exercise their right to  vote.

The Seafood Voting Challenge is organized by Future of Fish, an international non-profit that supports small scale fishers and communities impacted by overfishing to build thriving communities, ensure food security and achieve long-term social and environmental impact. 

How to take action

STEP 1: Take the Pledge and add your name to the Seafood Voting Challenge

STEP 2: Talk to your team and understand what supports they may need

STEP 3: Take a look at initiatives like NonProfit Vote and Vote Safe for more ideas



Take The Pledge

As an organization engaged in the advancement of socially and environmentally responsible seafood sector, we hereby commit to implementing internal policies and procedures to support employees, clients, and partners to access the information and resources to support their right to vote. 

By signing up for the Seafood Voting Challenge, I confirm:

  • I am authorized to speak on my Company's behalf

  • I agree to allow Future of Fish to publish my company's name in relation to the Seafood Voting Challenge



Join the growing list of organizations that have taken the Seafood Voting Challenge pledge:

  • Conservation Alliance for Sustainable Seafood

  • Fair Trade Fish

  • FishWise

  • Future of Fish

  • George's Charters LLC

  • Global Aquaculture Alliance

  • Global Marine Conservation


  • MNT Co Ltd

  • SAGE

  • Samuels & Son Seafood Co.

  • Sea Pact

  • Symbio Strategies

  • Thai Union North America