About us

As an international non-profit dedicated to supporting resiliency in coastal communities and ocean based economies, Future of Fish is acutely aware that environmental threats, including climate change, disproportionately affect marginalized populations and low-income groups around the world.

At Future of Fish, we believe in the power of partnerships in unlocking resources to build thriving communities, ensure food security and achieve long-term social and environmental impact. As an organization passionate about addressing systemic problems, we believe it's vital for all people who operate in that system to have their voices heard. This is why we have launched Seafood Voting Challenge, to support all communities, including those who have been traditionally marginalized, to feel empowered and have their voices heard. 

As a small but mighty not for profit, we rely on partnerships and the support of our community. To connect and learn more about Future of Fish visit www.futureoffish.org.