Why now?

This year has highlighted drastic changes to our global system — from COVID-19 and high levels of unemployment to natural disasters strengthen by climate change. Given these enormous challenges, it is more important now than ever before to be civically engaged and an active part in shaping the future.

The United States 2020 election has brought the challenges of the year to the forefront with increasing pressures on the US Postal Service, and a growing evidence of the variety of ways in which voter suppression tactics disproportionately impact marginalized communities. We believe this is a critical time for the sustainable seafood community to step up and help equalize people’s opportunity to vote. These elections are just the beginning. We will be sharing this challenge internationally in the countries where Future of Fish works on the ground, including in Belize for their upcoming November 2020 elections, and for the Peruvian and Chilean national elections in April and December 2021. 

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